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The software to power any Marketplace

The current goods based marketplaces (especially markets for agricultural goods) have been selectively constructed, are inefficient, and are ready for a big change.
Cannigistics makes the custom framework that easily enables this type of change.

Our custom, high touch, low friction communities and marketplaces increase:

Transaction and price efficiency

Product availability

Sales opportunities

Market participation

Real-time market response

Certifiable traceability

The Framework

Introducing a new type of marketplace model that creates an efficient and exciting user experience. The IndustryCast Framework merges a retail and wholesale e-commerce marketplace with a fully integrated messaging platform. The result is a evolutionary environment that takes the online experience to a whole new level. This modern marketplace showcases current and future products in various capacities while communicating real-time information from the marketplace to users, allowing them to connect (buy, sell, chat, broadcast, etc. in multiple ways) creating the perfect environment that will disrupt the current marketplace models and rapidly become the standard for all online marketplaces.

Evolving the Distribution Model

The IndustryCast framework evolves the distribution model by creating a free flow of information for an entire marketplace for both sellers and buyers. When new products available the entire marketplace is instantly notified of its availability. Users can then act on that information in numerous ways, here’s just a few examples:

-Discuss with peers: when buying a new product or doing business with a new party there is often some hesitation. Users are able to discuss new products and suppliers with other industry peers in a secure environment.

-Direct contact: buyers can instantly connect with sellers on specific products and listings. This direct communication focused on a direct product creates an efficiency of information flow that ultimately enables commerce.

-Direct Purchase: With a single click of a notification, buyers can purchase directly from producers and sellers. Large or small quantity purchases are facilitated with real time tracking enabling multiple buyers to participate in large quantity offerings.

-Mass Distribution: producers and sellers can notify their entire market audience of available product with the click of a button. Listing parties can then engage with their potential buyers in numerous ways evolving how commerce was traditionally done online..

The IndustryCast Framework introduces an array of new ways for marketplace participants to interact with each other and engage in commerce. From product exposure, sophisticated multi channel communication, secure transactions and alternate payment methods (crypto enabled), Cannigistics is breaking old molds and evolving the distribution model.

Current Projects

Utilizing the IndustryCast Framework, BC’s beef producers have begun selling their product to an array of buyers in their home market.

Previously, to reach large-scale local buyers in BC, producers here in BC had to sell to large Alberta based distributors. The Cannigisistics custom marketplace connects buyers directly with producers, enhancing margins and increasing operational efficiency. BC Beef can now be finished by BC based abattoirs within the borders of BC ensuring a higher standard and underlining the value of keeping products local throughout its entire cycle.

By engaging directly with the supplier, the buy side of the market is getting fresher product, more variety and more order customization. BC Beefnet is the only product available that enables BC Beef to be raised, finished and bought all within the borders of BC.

Emerging Marketplace” – then logo – AutoMotoCast is a mass communication network that anyone interested in buying, selling or trading a vehicle can join – experts and non-experts alike. The innovative thing about AutoMotoCast is that it allows you to cut out all kinds of intermediaries – no more middleman!

Utilizing the Cannigistics framework, AutoMotoCast connects people in real-time enabling them to access the best information available, directly from their peers and the industry. This immediate access to information and people creates an unprecedented experience in gathering the best advice on automotive purchases while at the same time connecting the user directly to the most qualified industry professional of their choice to assist them


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